Reviews for Basketball Junkie: A Memoir

“Chris Herren’s Basketball Junkie is the story of what happens when a town and a family pressure a favorite son to embody their dreams, which turn out to be his nightmare. If a book can be both anguished and celebratory, this is it. Herren’s account of his descent into hell and back show that beyond the bench pressing and the sprints and all the other prep work that help to create an athlete, in the end, character-building is the one drill that really matters.”–Madeleine Blais, New York Times bestselling author of In These Girls, Hope is a Muscle

“What a story. If you read a sports book – no, any book – that sticks in your head longer than Basketball Junkie this year please let me know. This was a walk down a long, dark street to places that most of us have never been. Who knew there was a regulation basketball court in the ninth circle of hell? Fascinating.”–Leigh Montville, New York Times bestselling author of Ted Williams and Evel: The High Flying Life of Evel Knievel

“An unflinching look at a life of wasted potential…told with such bluntness and heart that you can’t help but root for Herren to stay clean.”–Kirkus Reviews

Reviews for ’78: The Boston Red Sox, A Historic Game, and a Divided City

Reynolds skillfully explores the yin and yang relationship of busing and the Sox on the City of Boston, tracing each back to its sixties roots while grounding everything with new first-hand accounts from folks who lived it. You may already know what happens, but Reynolds now explores the causative factors and puts you in the hot seat as violence and pennant race vie for each day’s headlines, whether that seat is on a school bus being pelted with rocks en route to South Boston High, or in the bleachers at Fenway Park as Jerry Remy laces a one-out single to sun-baked right to represent the A.L. East-winning run in the bottom of the ninth. — Bruce Allen, Boston Sports Media Watch

Reviews for Fall River Dreams

“A beautiful blend of sweetness, pain, and truth. Basketball runs through this book like a stream of light, illuminating all it touches.” –Rick Telander, author of Heaven Is a Playground

“A remarkable book, open and honest, full of the joys and the pain of growing up.” –The Sporting News

“Bill Reynolds is one of the best writers around, and this book is the Friday Night Lights of high school basketball.” –Dan Shaughnessy, author of Ever Green

“Simply a classic…every word has the ring of truth. Reminds me of Norman Mclean’s Young Men and Fire.” –Greg Donaldson, author of The Ville

“Reynolds uncovers, in a moving and sensitive book, the desperate values of a city whose only dream is basketball glory.” –James Chace, Newsday

“Superbly observed and compassionately rendered, Fall River Dreams reminds us of why sports matter.” –Alexander Wolff, author of Raw Recruits

“Reynolds does a fine job…Fall River Dreams illustrates that sports can provide marvelous highs, but that the joy of achievement can be supplanted by the desperate needs to win-again and again and again.” –The New York Times Book Review

Reviews for Days of Glory

“Eloquent…it should be required reading for all basketball junkies and the people who love them….A terrific voice.” –Sports Illustrated

“[A] thoughtful memoir.” –Dallas Morning News

“[An] eloquent testimony….[Reynolds] sees through the scam: Sports is not life, but it almost is.” –Columbus Dispatch

“A bang-up job by Reynolds. For all the failed Little Leaguers and average high-school and college jocks this is ‘the real story of sports in America.’” –Kirkus Reviews